SEPA Blockchain

Permissioned Blockchain that support Smart Contracts written in Go and Java with a modular Plug-&-Play architecture. Multi-chains are also supported in the form of Channels.

Project in use with BAWAG P.S.K. and the Austrian Ministry of Finance for the Security of Payment Transactions

Blockchain Technologie

Tamper-proof transactions

  • Decentral application
  • Automatical process
  • Modern & sustainable architecture

Automatic Process

Fast process running time


High transaction Security

Modern architecture

Reduction of expenses

Easy interface integration

Mode of Operation

Transactions pro Sec.


Smart Contract


Modular Architecture

Plug-and-Play Modul 

Highly Scalable Components


Basis framework 

Identity management

Network implementation 

BlockchaiN Platform


Permissioned, Private


3/4,  Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance

Go, Java

Supports multiple private channels

Highly customized IBM Hyperledger Fabric

Public Key Infrastructure

Dynamically reactive network

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