Insightful natural language processing algorithm with advanced semantic sentiment analysis

to identify delivers granular insights in the subjects emotional reaction and suggest actions that

will increase a positive or negative attitude towards any studied topic.



Measure, Understand & Improve your Brand Image in News and Social Media through SEPA, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based brand management solution.
Is your brand viewed differently on social media than the news stories that are written in online media? When an online media outlet writes a positive story about your organization/brand, does this improve the social media perception of your brand? How do you know that you are ignoring the noise and focusing on addressing the most relevant issues for your organization and your brand?

Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Generation

Computational Linguistics


For an organization that is trying to understand its customer’s opinions and manage its brand, it is very important to not only separate facts from noise but also measure and understand how news stories impact its customer’s opinions.
The proliferation of online news, both factual and opinion news, has created an environment where we are overloaded with information. Since majority of the news stories are written with an intent of capturing readers attention, most readers have developed a tendency to believe only the news that represents their points-of-view and discard other news as fake. In social media, we connect with people that share similar beliefs making it appear that our views are the only real and relevant point of view.
In this environment, how do you manage your brand? Do positive and negative news stories have an impact on your brand? If so, by how much? How do the social media users describe your brand? Do news stories change user opinions about your brand? If so, what news stories have the most impact? Understanding answers to these questions is very important to effectively manage your brand.


Our technology solution was developed using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques. We use Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Generation (NLG), Computational Linguistics and Sentiment Analysis techniques to analyze online media and social media data.