Key Focus Points


  • integrated with price comparison platforms: Idealo, Geizhals,,, Preisroboter

  • deep partner integration: SHT, Amazon, Ebay

  • automated product listing Google Shopping, Amazon(de/uk/fr/it/es), Ebay

  • indexes and keeps historical data of competitor prices

  • automated rule-based price adjustments.

Automated Price Calculation

Scalable data import and synchronisation

Plug-and-play Modular

Integration with product comparison platforms

Deep partner integration


Scalable data import and synchronisation - processing of over 500k products in under 7 hours

One of the most important aspects of a webshop is the capability to handle as many products as possible, in the shortest time possible, from multiple sources and data formats. Our platform can handle multiple concurrently running imports, from different data sources, feed locally or through access gateways/points, in different formats that can server multiple functionalities. We have optimsed our imports to process approximately 500k products (where processing includes checking for various compatibility issues, complete product experience: images, translations, prices, profitability, comparison platform integration) in 7 hours, that means the whole product range for a huge webshop imported and fully processed. This feat alone, would allow a retailer to generate a unique import structure, share it to their business partners, instruct them to open a communication gateway and have their stock fully set up in a manner of hours and then a daily/weekly update import for prices and stock and other variations.

Integration with Product comparison platforms

Another capability our webshop has is the generation of product feeds, specific to various comparison platforms. The way it works, is like a reverse import process, it is technically an export of data in a specific format, that permits the formatting of relevant product information to be packed in a platform specific data format and then sent for processing to their open data entry points. Depending on the hosting platforms, the exports can contain any type of information ranging from product information to prices and even media. This can be automated and done on a strict schedule to ensure precise and direct integration.

Indexing of Competitor Product Prices, Historical Price Data

Moreover, we have also developed a tool that permits the indexing of information from the websites of competitors on very strict searching criteria such as specific product identification article numbers, product titles or even product series, our tool taking into account all of these aspects in order to ensure that only results that match all searching criteria return a definitive result, the price. After the process is performed it is stored inside the database as a form of continuous price evidence and evolution which can be compared amongst competitors to identify trends and potentially sales in order to permit our platform to plan reactive marketing campaigns, if needed.

Automated product listing and synchronisation on major marketplaces

While organic traffic and/or advertising funnels are hugely relevant in the profitability of brands and retailers, another important role is played by online retailing platforms, marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay. We have developed integrations with multiple such marketplaces, integrations that allow us to get information from them or even sending information to them in the form of product information, listing positions, ranking information and of course, as mentioned previously, prices. Furthermore, this allows for synchronisation between platforms and the webshop, as it very important to have accurate stock, price and even product information, this is good for multiple reasons, ranging from consistency across all mediums to user feedback which generates brand value or even loyalty from the perspective of trust.

Automated rule-based price adjustment which factors in several indicators such as comparison platforms lowest price, our listings position, any dynamic and static cost variables.

Another smart integration we have introduced in our webshop is dynamic price comparison among various sources: our suppliers, our competition, our own processing costs (transportation or payment) and the dynamic allocation of prices while also taking into account our minimum profitability. As mentioned, this takes into account a specific desired minimum profitability per item or even item category/brand, fixed product costs such as logistic costs and payment processing costs

Deep partner integration - orders, logistic, package tracking, support, garanties

Another aspect that concerns interconnectivity between our platform and external entities is our ability to integrate specific partner requirements as well as quality assurance aspects. For instance, certain partners require us to send them incoming orders in a specific format which is not used by any of our other partners so we created an export flow which allows orders to self generate that specific order format and have it shipped to their communication gateway in the required format so that each order we receive arrives to the proper information to their order handling and department. Another customisability we have achieved here is the ability to tweak our order processing beyond just information export but even allow special and specific rules for each aspect of the order processing steps, to perfectly fit the demands of the partners and/or shipping companies.

Automated accounting of orders in a multi region and multi tax regulation zone

When it comes to accounting, specifically in the case of an webshop, it is very important for a platform to be able to automise as much as possible of the process in order to avoid having a huge number of people handling this aspect alone. We have succeeded in reducing the number of people necessary to a minimum by having automated calculation of taxes, shipping costs based on the geographical location of the user, meaning that when our orders are processed, our algorithm checks the physical address supplied by the user and then adapts every aspect of the calculation process so that an accurate statement is issued upon order confirmation which both parties can enjoy immediately. We have achieved this across multiple countries in Europe, tested and tried it to a point where we have the confidence that information generated is the correct one.

Plug-and-Play Modular, Scalable Architectures

Our webshop runs on modules rather than hard-set information or fixed information flows which allows for greater modularity and customisability. This is achieved through a very tightly controlled architecture which allows for great diversity in terms of capabilities while having very hard set rules for the interdependencies of the each of its components, this ensures that each of the plugged-in components have the required components but everything else can be stopped/disabled without any backlash. Furthermore, developments done on the core of the platform can easily be shared with all the business that employ our webshop, allowing for further, continuous development and innovation.

KEY based REST API for most of the functionality

The last aspect to complete the cycle of information between our platform and external stakeholders is the Key based REST API, which is an encrypted channel on which our webshop can leave certain communication ports on which partners who have our opened keys can communicate with the business, be it by requesting information or even schedule periodic updates through that channel. Furthermore, this API gateway can be integrated with external services that facilitate serverless architecture which basically means that certain functionalities can be processed on different services and then the end result being sent to us. A good example of this would be using one of the tech giants’ functions platform for intermediary data processing at a lower cost than what would cost us to have that processing power and the receiving the processed information through the API in the format/form we desire, having all the benefits and none of the drawbacks.