Mobile App for Deutsche Vortex

We developed an application wich provides convenient access to the Vortex smart pump. The App makes it possible to control den pump and to easily retrieve information from the pump. All you need to use the App is already inside the pump: the WiFi- transmission modul.

During the development of this application we focused on improving the functions of the pump. By using the App many different interactions, that may improve pump performance and efficiency can be made with the Vortex pump such as:

  • Speed adjustment
  • Change of comfort level
  • Early activation of holiday mode
  • Scheduling of a pump run
  • Start of venting program

Which information can be retrieved by the App?

  • Current and average power consumption (wattage display)
  • Current speed
  • Maximum temperature at the direct line within the last 24 hours
  • WiFi status
  • Overall power on- time

Moreover – independant of an actual purchase and use
of an AUTOlearn BWO 155 SL Connect pump – many useful general information
about the Vortex BlueOne pump series can be retrieved through the App, as

  • Replacement overviews
  • Installation instructions
  • Work prinicples of the AUTOlearn-technology
  • Spare parts/accessories
  • Maintenance
  • Trouble shooting
  • Service / Contact Vortex

The App adapts automatically to the daily behavior of the consumers.
Due to this feature warm water is only produced when required wich makes it possible to reduce energy loss.